Microsoft Certifications

The Microsoft certification program validates candidates' comprehensive skills set to perform job roles, such as Database Administrator. Microsoft Certified IT Professionals viably perform the tasks of an Enterprise Desktop Support Specialist or Help Desk Specialist, including duties like discovering and fixing network security problems, deploying and overseeing Windows 7, and supporting desktops, PCs, and mobile devices.

MCITP: Microsoft Certified IT Professional

Microsoft's MCITP certifications validate your comprehensive set of skills to perform job roles, such as Database Administrator. The MCITP certification has various exams under this category based on various technologies. Microsoft Certified IT Professionals can viably perform the tasks of an Enterprise Desktop Support Specialist or Help Desk Specialist, including duties like discovering and fixing network security problems; deploying and overseeing Windows 7; and supporting desktops, PCs, and mobile devices.

MTA: Microsoft Technology Associate

Microsoft Technology Associate is an entry-level certification in Microsoft Certification Path. MTA certification is for candidates who want to validate their fundamental technology knowledge to create new career opportunities. This certification provides fundamental knowledge about various technologies such as web development, software development, networking fundamentals, and so on.

MCTS: Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist

Microsoft's MCTS certification demonstrates candidates' aptitudes on a specific Microsoft technology such as the Windows working framework, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, or Microsoft Visual Studio. Candidates will be able to show their depth of knowledge in one specific technology, earn multiple MCTS certifications to show breadth across different products, or build on the MCTS to earn a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) credential.

MOS: Microsoft Office Specialist

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) provides industry-driving assessments of abilities and learning through new venture-based testing, giving candidates and experts real-world scenarios to evaluate their comprehension of Microsoft Office. Microsoft's Office Specialist certification can help you differentiate yourself in today's competitive job market, broaden your employment opportunities by displaying your advanced skills, and result in higher earning potential.

MCSE: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert certification demonstrates candidates' ability to build innovative solutions with different technologies, both on-premises and in the cloud. The certification is available for various technologies like server and desktop infrastructure, private cloud, data platform, business intelligence, and more.

MCSA: Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate certification focuses on the ability to design and build technology solutions. The MCSA certification is for individuals in the field of designing and building technology solutions using Microsoft products including Windows, Windows Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint, SQL Server, and more.

Microsoft 365 Certification

Microsoft Office 365 certification exams validate your knowledge and skills in areas such as transitioning to and administering cloud-hosted business applications with Microsoft 365. With this Microsoft 365 certification in hand, you can help move your company to the cloud. You can demonstrate your expertise in Microsoft 365 technologies and advance your career by earning one of the new Microsoft 365 role-based certifications for Enterprise Administrators or an Office 365 certification.

Microsoft Azure Certification

Microsoft Azure certifications are a role-based model that focuses on the building of skills and knowledge aligned to the job roles. Microsoft Azure certifications prove your expertise and skills to work with the latest cloud technology that is powering the data centers, applications, and solutions. Microsoft Azure certifications are at the forefront of the leading edge of technology.

Microsoft Technologies

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows proves your ability to deploy operating systems and desktop applications and to manage the client life cycle. Candidates for this exam are IT experts who perform installation, design, general management, and maintenance of Windows core administrations. They may likewise be presented to some enterprise scenarios or cloud-incorporated services. Any Windows certification is enough for any organization or company that you have the technical skills required for the job.

Microsoft Office

The MOS certifications on Microsoft Office programs and Windows operating systems are designed for the professionals who want to gain expertise in accomplishing essential job tasks across multiple programs in the Microsoft Office System. The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification in Office 2013, 2016, and 2019 help to validate your proficiency in using Microsoft Office and meets the demand to show the skills on the latest Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft's SQL Server certification is designed for IT professionals or candidates who want to excel in their careers in the field of SQL Server Management. Microsoft's SQL Server certification validates your knowledge and skills in designing, building, and maintaining the next wave of cloud-ready database and information solutions. The SQL Server certification is perfect for database experts who outline and make databases at association levels and guarantee high accessibility of data. This SQL Server credential is the initial move towards acquiring an MCSE credential.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio certifications teach you how to create what you can imagine, build on the strengths of your team, and open up new possibilities. You can also take advantage of new opportunities and capabilities offered by multi-core programming and cloud development tools. This qualification makes applicants prepared to exploit the enterprise-grade solutions and code-building abilities of Visual Studio to deliver new applications over a wide variety of platforms.

Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft's Exchange Server certifications validate the knowledge and skills that are required to deploy and administer an enterprise messaging environment with Exchange Server. The Microsoft Exchange Server Technology certification is proof of your in-depth technical knowledge and skills in using the features and functionality of key technology areas.

Microsoft SharePoint

Professionals with Microsoft SharePoint certification earn recognition for their expertise in organizing, collaborating, and sharing information across organizations. Most of the companies are investing in collaborative technologies that are offered by Microsoft SharePoint Server to manage and share vast quantities of valuable information.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project certifications ensure that information technology professionals have the necessary skills to successfully implement business solutions and project standards using Microsoft Technology. Professionals with this certification are engaged in managing projects and understanding key project management concepts and terminologies.

Microsoft Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate

The Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate certification validates a candidate's ability to administer core and advanced Windows Server workloads and services using on-premises, hybrid, and cloud technologies. The Associate should have subject matter expertise in configuring and managing Windows Server on-premises, hybrid, and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform workloads. To earn this certification, a candidate should pass two exams AZ-800 and AZ-801.

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